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Today is my birthday and also the date I started yoga last year! I have been back pain free since I started yoga. I had chronic back painfor years. I have been to many back doctors and an acupuncturist. Nothing worked but yoga. Not just yoga. Your yoga. You are very careful to be sure no one does more than they should in our intro class and I appreciate that. I thought I had to live with chronic back pain for the rest of my life and now I don't. It isn't enough to just thank you but that is all I can really do.          
- Rob P.

Since working with Tami, I have found that the strength gained though a yoga practice carries over into other areas of my life.  Because I work PT on a horse farm, which requires a good deal of physical strength, endurance and calm, controlled movements, I have  come to rely on Tami's yoga  class to keep me limber, centered and recharged.  The only way to experience the benefits is to attend Tami's class.  You won't be disappointed. 
-  M. Reynolds
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